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Kate N.

Prospect Heights

“At first, I had some serious lower back pain and stiffness around the shoulders. I thought it was normal with aging and possible side effects of the epidural from giving birth to my son. My co-workers had informed me to go to a chiropractor and I figured why not give it a try? Scheduling was easy and the location was easy to find. I was even able to print out a new patient's form and fill it out prior to my appointment to expedite my visit. When I arrived at Dr. Barrett’s office, it was very welcoming and clean. He knew I was a new patient and explained the process to me in detail. After only a couple treatments with Dr. Barrett, my lower back pain and stiffness around my shoulder area have lessened dramatically. I never knew that they could be treated almost in an instant. I am more than happy I went to Dr. Barrett and I am now able to do more activities and play with my toddler more often. I would definitely refer him to my friends and family!”

Judy F.

Highland Park

“In my work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I was beginning to believe I was destined to suffer with an injured shoulder. Even after cortisone and rounds of physical therapy, I still experienced shoulder pain and was desperate to find someone who could offer more lasting relief. Then I met Dr. Max Barrett. His non-invasive, personal approach struck me as a method I could live with. Gentle healing techniques, in combination with targeted massage, gave me both emotional and physical comfort. Within weeks, my shoulder started showing improvement, and now two months later, I am enjoying almost full recovery. I continue teaching fitness with a new understanding of strength and muscle “wellness” and feel lucky to have healed without astronomical costs or compromising my body’s internal balance.   

Dr. Barrett has not only helped improve my shoulder, but has convinced me of the benefits of alternative medicine. In addition to their medical knowledge and expertise, this practice embraces true customer service. These professionals truly care about their patients’ well being. They take time to consider their patients as individuals and treat both the physical and emotional aspects of injury. Meeting Dr. Barrett has changed the way I look at medical care. I have learned that pain can be alleviated without needles and drugs—and that gentle, compassionate treatment can heal less invasively and much more powerfully.”

Jim W.


“I have been seeing Dr. Max Barrett for the past two years and I am convinced as a result of our highly successful sessions, I have been able to avoid back surgery.

Dr. Barrett and North Shore Physical Wellness provide exceptional, progressive and personalized care that emphasizes patient education and prevention of future injury. I had been diagnosed with bulging discs and experienced pain and tingling down my lower back and legs. Dr. Barrett customized a program for me utilizing a unique therapy called "Flexion Distraction," coupled with recommended core strength exercises that actually helped heal the disc. This therapy uses a special table that gently stretches the spine isolating the specific disc which in turn gave me immediate relief from the inflammation I experienced almost daily. I am confident in the attentive care, excellent service and results-focused approach Dr. Barrett and North Shore Physical Wellness provide to help me achieve my optimal level of good health.” 

Jeremy B.


“I have received Dr. Barrett's services several times over the past few years. Dr. Barrett is very patient and observant to every wellness question/concern I've had. As a runner and as someone that wears uncomfortable dress shoes on a daily basis, I was feeling soreness in my feet. Dr. Barrett diagnosed the problem, ran a scan on my feet, and then explained how customized orthotics would help my balance and ease the pressure. Dr. Barrett ordered the customized orthotics for my shoes, and since then the added stress on my feet has subsided. Thanks for your help! I highly recommend Dr. Barrett's services.”

Jennifer P.

Highland Park

“Since receiving chiropractic and massage services from Dr. Barrett’s office, my hip injury has gotten much better. I have returned to my active lifestyle of swimming, biking and running and have also increased my distance and fun in my physical activities. I no longer have constant pain and discomfort in my hip. I recommend Dr. Barrett to anyone who is experiencing pain and physical discomfort in their daily lives.”

Terry C.


“For two years, I tried all kinds of treatments for my carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, but nothing seemed to help. That is until I found Dr. Barrett. After the first appointment, with the electric stimulation and the massage therapy, I was finally able to begin easing some of the symptoms. Also, the helpful exercises, braces and post therapy home treatments were beneficial and have worked to bring my pain down. Thanks for your kind attention!”

Allison R.


“Dr. Barrett is a true professional. He has helped me with lower back pain that I have struggled with all of my life. He utilizes a variety of treatments to give the best service possible. I enjoyed acupuncture and it helped loosen up much of my constant pain. He is respectful and cares about his patients both inside and outside of the office. I believe that Dr. Barrett demonstrates the qualities of a terrific chiropractor.”

Aaron K.

Vernon Hills

"I first visited Dr. Barrett with lower back pain in early 2008 and again for acupuncture services later in 2008. Overall, each experience with Dr. Barrett was handled professionally, personably, timely and with courtesy. Most of all, Dr. Barrett's services produced my desired results of relieving and eliminating my pain and getting me back on my feet so that I could resume all of my physical activities. I highly recommend North Shore Physical Wellness and Dr. Barrett for all of your health and wellness needs!"

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