Activate and Dominate

You should be exploding. Movement in the human body happens from the inside out – starting with the core. But as stress and tension accumulate over time, key muscles can “switch off” and stop doing their work. Your body will compensate, using stronger muscles to do the work of weak or non-functioning ones.

ActivationThe result is loss of balance, imperfect movement and over-taxed muscles that can lead to injury. And because the nervous system is affected too, individuals show reduced reflexes and poor mental focus.

So you are left with two choices...You can try to manage through it. Or you can get Activated.

Activation is built on two easy practices:

  1. Intentional diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the core and balances the nervous system, preparing body and mind for better performance.
  2. Stimulation of pressure points re-activates core muscles like the glutes and psoas, returning the body to its ideal “inside-out” sequence of movement.

By breathing correctly and rubbing certain Activation points, individuals can improve performance and reduce injuries. The changes are immediate. And the results are measurable.

How it Feels...

Welcome to the top of your game. Activation is reproducible enough that any individual can be taught to do it, any time and any place. But if you’re new to Activation, the best way to experience it is to be activated for the first time by a trained sports or medical professional.

Proper activation with a professional always starts with measurement. You’ll lie on a table and your therapist will gauge your core strength and flexibility using a few simple leg lifts and bends. Then, you’ll practice proper breathing while the pressure points in your chest are activated to allow improved breathing. Finally, the pressure points in your abdomen, neck and other regions are activated before measuring again to gauge results. You’ll see measurable improvement in strength and flexibility before you even get up off the table.

Because every body’s different, every activation is different. It’s common for the stimulation of pressure points to be sharp and painful – but it’s also very brief. You may feel warm as your body releases pent-up tensions as heat. You may experience an immediate sense of physical or even emotional release as your body re-calibrates.

Afterward, you’re likely to feel lighter and to move about more easily – good news for athletes who need to run or jump to perform well! You may feel more relaxed, or more alert to your surroundings. Your muscles and your nervous system are now functioning much more effectively.

If you would like to experience Activation for the first time, Dr. Barrett is one of only a few medical professionals in the Midwest trained in the technique.   Contact NSPW for more information or to schedule.