Winnetka, IL Physical Therapy

Winnetka, IL patients who are experiencing discomfort because of a musculoskeletal condition or injury can receive the attention they need at North Shore Physical Wellness. We provide Winnetka, IL with specialized physical therapy that features a fully rounded approach to greater health and wellness.

The key to our success in helping alleviate your discomfort is physical therapy that focuses on the cause of the problem rather than on treatment of the symptom.

Applying a range of manual techniques, manipulations and adjustments, we can help improve joint function, relieve spasms and ease irritation to the nervous system.

Winnetka, IL Acupuncture, Chiropractor

Patients from Winnetka also visit North Shore Physical Wellness for greater comfort through skilled chiropractor services, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. Our practice specializes in custom-molded orthotics as well.

In the event your condition or injury calls for attention beyond our services, you will have access to our highly skilled network of supporting specialists. Whether for physical therapy, acupuncture or chiropractor services, we want you to receive the care and attention you need.

If you live in Winnetka, IL and would benefit from physical therapy, chiropractor services, acupuncture or massage therapy, we welcome your inquiry. We’re ready to assist you.